Melania Trump Finally Reveals The Unusual Reason Why She Wore That Controversial 'I Really Don't Care' Jacket

October 15, 2018 17:31

Melania Trump has finally decided to clear the air on her controversial 'I don't really care, do you?' jacket. And she chose to do this while on a tour to Africa.


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Melania defends her jacket

In a newly released video of her exclusive interview with ABC News, Mrs. Trump made it clear that there was a message behind the jacket, despite the fact that her spokesperson Stephanie Grisham earlier claimed it to be just a jacket.


According to the First Lady, the disturbing jacket she wore to the border to meet the children, who were separated from their parents by her husband's immigration policy, was to tell the left-wing media that she was past caring about what they thought of her.

She supports her husband's immigration policies

Melania also made it crystal clear that she was 100% supportive of her husband's immigration policies.

The Trump administration started implementing a zero tolerance policy towards illegal immigrants in April.

Children were forcefully separated from their parents and housed in shelters. Melania made two highly publicized visits to the facilities as the policies continued to receive widespread backlash.

But she also asked people not to mind her clothes

Now, that she has revealed the meaning behind the jacket, people are calling her out for using the children to send a message to the 'left-wing media'.

And days ago, while addressing the media in Egypt, the First Lady rebuked a reporter who asked about her clothes and said people should focus more on her projects than her fashion choices. Is she contradicting herself?

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