“She Does What She Thinks Is Right": Alec Baldwin Commends His Wife Hilaria For Opening Up About Miscarriage

June 7, 2019

Actor Alec Baldwin is commending his 35-year-old wife, Hilaria Baldwin, for opening up about the miscarriage she suffered during her first trimester in early April.

Hilaria shares her personal story on miscarriage

In an effort to remove the stigma associated with miscarriage, Hilaria revealed to fans that she lost her baby in April. In an emotional Instagram post, the mother of four shared her story about how she experienced a miscarriage.

Hilaria had shared an image of herself touching her baby bump with the caption:

I have no shame or embarrassment with this experience. I want to be a part of the effort to normalize miscarriage and remove the stigma from it. There is so much secrecy during the first trimester.

The sad news was totally unexpected as many didn’t know the couple was expecting another child.

Alec Baldwin praises his wife

The 61-year-old actor has nothing but praises for his wife after the wellness expert was criticized for opening up about her miscarriage.

Speaking to PEOPLE magazine on recognizing that his wife’s fertility journey and his decision to support her sharing details about the unique path, Alec said:

My wife is very self-directing. She does what she thinks is right. I have abundant faith in her judgment. She’s a very wise woman.”

A lot of other people, they don’t have the same situation. They struggle and it’s a huge battle for them. My wife just chose to put that out there, because she thought it was part of her whole windshield about her view about health.

The actor is from a big family

As a guest on Today show, the 35-year-old says her husband comes from a large family and is open to the possibility of having more children after 4 kids.

The yoga guru said with three boys and a girl, her daughter is hoping for a little sister.

Hilaria is such a brave woman. She is sharing her personal story to shed light on the stigma surrounding miscarriage.