Friends Or Not? Body Language Expert Sheds Light On The Queen's True Relationship With Kate

May 29, 2019 14:19

Kate Middleton and the Queen have a swell time whenever they get together! During their most recent outing, Her Majesty enjoyed a tour of Kate’s Back to Nature Garden at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Kate and the Queen appeared to be very much at ease with each other as the former was proudly showing her amazing project.

What can we learn from these two royals’ body language during the garden tour and other public appearances? Body language expert Judi James gave a lowdown on what their gestures and expressions really mean.

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Royal pals?

While some royal watchers were taken aback when Kate kissed the Queen on both cheeks when she greeted her at the new garden (was it a gross breach of protocol?), Judi James believes there’s nothing to be surprised by.

The expert told that Kate would have never done that if it had been uncalled-for and explained that the Queen treats the Duchess as a trusted friend.

James explained that Kate gained the monarch’s trust and friendship slowly but steadily, and the Queen looks genuinely entertained whenever she’s out with her.

She said:

Kate was always a slow but steady integrator into the royal firm and her slightly traditional approach, making very few if any ripples in continuity, does seem to have resonated with the Queen, who increasingly appears to treat her as a friend as well as a daughter-in-law.

James added that it’s clear the two royals enjoy each other’s company, and their warm greeting at the Chelsea Flower Show wasn’t just a public nicety:

The Queen’s sudden broad and authentic-looking smile said it all at the Chelsea Flower Show this week: it appeared from nowhere as she caught sight of Kate approaching, registering instant warmth for the future queen, while Kate’s part-smile part-laugh response showed her genuine excitement at hosting her grandmother-in-law.

But it’s a different story with Meghan. Looking back at their first-ever solo public engagement, James said Her Majesty and Meghan appeared friendly but not close. Meghan was very nervous, and the Queen was doing her best to put her at ease.

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But don’t forget that Kate has been part of the royal family for 8 years now, while Meghan is still a rookie. Meghan still has a long way to go, but there are signs she already won the Queen over, so it’s safe to say they will eventually be as close as Her Majesty and Kate are.