Do Meghan's Pricey Outfits Have A Hidden Message? Royal Experts Give The Lowdown On The Duchess' Wardrobe

May 17, 2019 16:59

Meghan Markle is known for her exquisite sartorial taste, and her fashionable outfits come with a hefty price tag.

According to calculations by Love the Sales, Meghan’s maternity wardrobe cost more than half a million dollars – that’s seven times more than the cost of Kate Middleton’s maternity clothes.

Also, Meghan’s overall wardrobe cost in 2018 is estimated to be the highest of all British royal women and royals from other countries. Sounds impressive!

The eye-watering amount of money Meghan spends on clothes is one thing, but do her outfit choices have a hidden meaning? Royal experts believe they do.

In a new documentary, Meghan Markle: Inside the Wardrobe of a Princess, experts claim that the former actress' outfits are a statement: she is, in part, still her old self, despite her royal status.

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Hannah Betts said:

Meghan is telling us she is early in her career as a royal, that she brought a career with her and she is trying to mesh the two.

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Betts and other experts pointed out the similarities between Meghan’s outfits before and after she became part of the royal family. They agree that for her, it’s a way of “pushing boundaries” – as you’ve probably noticed, Meghan has broken a number of unspoken royal fashion rules since she became a Duchess.

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Royal bloggers Heather Cook and Jessica Morgan also think so:

She may be a duchess but she is still her own woman.

She has been trying to hang on to her former self and it'll be interesting to see if that continues or if she evolves.

And here’s another important question that lingers on many royal watchers’ minds: who pays for all these luxurious outfits?

Before Meghan married Harry, she reportedly paid for all of her outfits herself. After the wedding, Meghan’s wardrobe for official engagements has been covered by Prince Charles, who gives his sons and daughters-in-law part of his Duchy of Cornwall income.