Former Palace Press Secretary Responds To Rumors That Baby Sussex Has Already Arrived

April 16, 2019

Royal watchers are eagerly anticipating Baby Sussex’s arrival as Meghan’s due date is getting closer and closer.

However, some of them are certain that the Duchess has already given birth and is taking time to enjoy the baby's arrival privately with Prince Harry and other close family members.

While it’s tempting to believe such speculations, the Queen’s former press secretary thinks royal fans need to “hold their horses.”

Dickie Arbiter comments on rumors about Baby Sussex

Dickie Arbiter, the Queen’s former press secretary, made an appearance on Australian show Today Extra and attempted to shut down the rumors surrounding Meghan and Harry's baby's birth.

He said:

If you believe that, you'd believe anything. We'll know in due course when the baby is born. Harry and Meghan made it very clear the birth is going to be private.

There aren’t going to be any advance notices and they will release any details once they've had time to bond with the baby.

Dickie said, in no uncertain terms, that everyone needs to calm down until the official announcement comes:

The birth will come as they said, in late-April, early May and we just need to hold our horses until then.

On Thursday, Buckingham Palace released a statement saying the Duke and Duchess of Sussex wish to keep the plans surrounding their baby’s arrival private.

Dickie frequently comments on the royal family affairs on various TV shows. In March, he called on Duchess Meghan to take stock of her behavior and get in line.

Speaking on Nine News Australia, he said:

What Meghan has got to do is forget she is on the red carpet of show business – she is now on the crimson carpet of monarchy.

She plays a supporting role, not just to Harry but to the Queen as well.

Dickie served at the Palace for years, so it’s safe to assume he knows what he’ talking about.

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