Uh-Oh! Numerologist Warns Meghan And Harry's Son May Get Into Serious Trouble In The Future

May 20, 2019 15:40

Right now, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s newborn son Archie is the most talked-about baby in the world. Naturally, people are curious: what is he like, and is he already showing his character?

When the Sussexes made the debut as a family of three, Meghan said her son has “the sweetest temperament”. She and Harry agreed that it’s too early to tell who their son takes after, but people are already making guesses about his future...

What Archie will be like, according to a numerologist

Celebrity numerologist Glynis McCants calculated Archie’s chart and revealed what the future holds for the newest royal to DailyMailTV.

McCants said that Archie will get on famously with dad. He and mom Meghan will be close, too, but occasional clashes of character may be possible.

She also told what the new parents should be wary of. According to McCants, Archie will be a lot like his dad and may be prone to the same mistakes that Harry made in his younger years:

He'll have a great sense of humor that will lighten up the energy of any room he enters.

However, like his father who also has a 5 in his chart, Archie will become bored and grow restless easily and as he gets older, could end up hanging with the wrong crowd and get into trouble.

She added that one way to prevent it is to help Archie channel his energy into the right directions:

It would be wise for Meghan and Harry to keep him very busy learning new things, playing sports and travelling.

On top of that, McCants predicts that Archie will be a heartthrob!

Archie will be spontaneous and there will never be a dull moment when he is around. When he gets older and it's time to date, he will be very popular with the ladies.

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Princess Diana’s astrologer Debbie Frank made a similar prediction. She told Town & Country that Archie and Harry have “an incredible link”, and Archie will follow in dad’s footsteps:

I think they’re going to have such amount of fun together and be pranksters.

Harry does have this really mischievous streak. He was a very naughty boy and into everything, and he’ll encourage Archie to follow suit. They’re always going to have a really playful connection in that way.

Sounds plausible! What do you think?