"She's Fake!": Piers Morgan Doubles Down On His Criticism Of Meghan, Claiming "She's Using People"

March 29, 2019 13:59

Among all British hosts and commentators, Good Morning Britain’s Piers Morgan is the most vocal critic of Meghan Markle.

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Piers has said he and Meghan used to be pals, but she “ghosted” him. Since then, the host has leveled numerous accusations against Meghan, saying that whatever she does is just for show. He’s also claimed that the Duchess only includes those people in her circle who she finds convenient (she even cut off her father and step-siblings; who does that?)

In his latest attack, the host doubled down on his previous statements.

Meghan is “fake”, Piers says

Speaking on Nine News Australia, the GMB host let us know, once again, that his opinion about Meghan hasn’t changed.

When asked by Deb Knight if he really thinks Meghan is “fake” and “a piece of work”, as he had said before, Piers responded:

You know, I’m sorry to have to say this, but I’m afraid I think she is.

He then went on to recall how they would “message each other a lot and e-mail each other a lot” and met at a pub when she finally came to London. They “chewed the fat for a couple of hours”, like any old pals would do. They agreed to meet up again and then… Piers never heard from Meghan again.

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The host went on:

I don’t like people who behave like that – it’s kind of rude. And it showed me that she, I’m afraid, is probably a bit of a social climber. Although some people really like her and are falling for these acts, I’m afraid I see a bit of a hard-nosed actress who’s been using people on her way up to what is now, of course, the top, which is marrying into the royal family.

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To conclude, he added:

Good luck to Harry, I hope he knows what he’s doing… And if it all goes wrong, don’t come crying to me – I tried to warn you.

Meghan is a bad influence on Harry, according to Piers

Piers also thinks that Meghan’s influence on Harry has been damaging.

Although he concedes she’s managed to turn a former party boy into a family man, the host thinks Meghan has implanted some “woke” ideas into Harry’s head that are alien to the royal family and may hurt its image.

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Do you agree with Piers?

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