How Sad! Larry Caputo Finally Opens Up About His Severe Depression Following Divorce From Theresa

April 2, 2019 15:20

Hopes that Theresa and Larry Caputo could get back together were dashed when they announced in December that their divorce was finalized. The couple had been separated for a year and decided to keep it that way.

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The divorce was quite amicable, and both Theresa and Larry stated they would still be friends. However, parting on good terms didn’t make it any easier emotionally.

While Theresa handled the split remarkably well, Larry was down for a long time, he revealed in a new interview with Radar Online.

Larry Caputo speaks out about depression

Although divorce may mean an opportunity to start a new life, Larry needed a lot of time to adjust. He moved from New York to Santa Monica, California, thinking a change of scenery would help.

Larry was so depressed he lost his appetite and a lot of weight. The star had always been quite buff and used to weigh 200 pounds, but the figure dropped dramatically. He told Radar:

With some depression I dropped down to 163 pounds. Because of my state of mind, I didn’t have an appetite.

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After a few months of emotional recovery, Larry became his old self. His status of a divorced man now made him feel liberated, not lonely.

Moving on

Before his divorce from Theresa was finalized, Larry revealed that he had met “someone special." Earlier this year, he even shared a picture featuring his new GF (which he has since deleted).

Anyway, he told Radar he’s feeling much better now, both physically and mentally. He’s exploring California, working out at the gym, and promoting his new business venture. Speaking about the likelihood of getting back together with his ex-wife, he said it’s improbable:

I don’t picture it. I just picture us still remaining friends. She is a great person. But chemistry-wise can we be together again? I don’t think so. We’re different people now.

Well, he and Theresa probably did what’s right for both of them in the long run.

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