Whoopi Goldberg Breaks Silence On Her Health And Says She "Came Very Close To Leaving The Earth"

March 11, 2019 12:03

The View host Whoopi Goldberg has had her fans worried sick over the past month. Whoopi has been off the show for several weeks now, and fans have been speculating about the reason for her absence.

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Before the Oscars, fans thought she was secretly preparing to host the ceremony, but when that didn’t happen, they grew even more worried.

Earlier this month, her co-host Joy Behar reassured viewers that Whoopi was recovering from pneumonia and would soon be back on the show.

Last week, Whoopi herself had a message for her concerned fans.

Whoopi’s message

On Friday, The View panel spoke to Whoopi via video chat, and she reassured her colleagues and viewers that she was on the mend.

Whoopi said:

So, here’s what happened. I had pneumonia and I was septic. Pneumonia in both lungs, which meant there was fluid, there was all kinds of stuff going on. And yes, I came very, very close to leaving the Earth. Good news, I didn’t.

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She went on to thank her fans for their good wishes and added that even people who aren’t too fond of her also wished her a speedy recovery. The host concluded her message with a promise to be back soon.

Fans’ reactions

Whoopi’s message assuaged her fans’ worries, but they are telling her to stay at home and rest until she makes a full recovery. Here are some of their responses from Twitter: