Body Language Expert Says "Anxious" Harry Took Pains To Avoid William At The Easter Service

April 22, 2019 17:49

Sunday was an important day for the royals! This year, the Queen’s birthday coincided with Easter, and Her Majesty and her family attended the Easter service at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle.

The Queen and other royals seemed to be in a festive mood as they arrived at the church, but two members of the family looked conspicuously tense. Can you guess who?

Many royal watchers expected Prince Harry and Prince William to put on a display of unity and brotherly love during the event, but their behavior around each other signaled quite the opposite. The two royals reportedly didn’t even speak to each other!

What does body language expert Judi James make of pictures taken before and after yesterday’s service? Her verdict is quite alarming.

The feud between William and Harry continues

James took a look at the pictures and noticed signs that the relationship between William and Harry is not what it used to be.

Speaking to Sun Online, the expert noted that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex arrived at the service separately, which in itself is out of the ordinary.

James also noticed that Harry looked tense and anxious when he stood next to William and Kate:

Harry, Kate and William had always been so well bonded but suddenly it was Harry looking serious and using body language cues to hint at some heightened levels of anxiety when he was with them.

Harry behaved unusually around his older brother whenever he got too close to him and looked as if he was taking great pains to avoid William altogether. But when the two brothers got close to each other, Harry looked as if his brother wasn’t even there! William showed no signs of brotherly love either.

James told Sun Online:

It was puzzling to see Harry walk into and out of the church apart from the couple he has been so close to, and to appear to dart around avoiding William when proximity did make some sort of contact inevitable.

Harry appeared to lean across to talk to Kate and she did smile and laugh in response, but there was no sign of the usual spark between her brother-in-law and her husband.

According to earlier reports, the actual rift in the royal family is not between the two couples or between Meghan and Kate – it’s William and Harry who have a problem with each other.

Will everything change for the better once Harry and Meghan welcome their baby? It remains to be seen!