"Did She Marry Into The Wrong Family?": An Expert Worries Meghan's Royal Status Might Hold Her Back

March 13, 2019 12:41

Meghan Markle has been married to Prince Harry for almost a year now, and she has dutifully adjusted to her new role and follows (most of) the rules her status as a royal calls for.

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However, many royal experts and commentators can’t stop calling her fitness for the role into question. Many of them have been saying that the modern, open-minded Duchess doesn’t fit into the very traditional and conservative institution that is the British royal family. Some even say Meghan may damage the image of the family!

There’s one expert, though, who views Duchess Meghan’s situation from a different standpoint: is Meghan being held back by the family she married into?

The expert shares her thoughts

Lisa Wilkinson, an Australian journalist and TV presenter, has recently discussed on The Project how Meghan’s current status affects her ability to speak out about the issues that are dear to her heart.

Wilkinson worries that Duchess Meghan, an excellent public speaker and vocal women’s rights advocate, might be held back by the royal family and the strict rules that come with the status.

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Wilkinson said:

The only pity I reckon with Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, is I feel she is so intelligent and so good at public speaking, she’s really strong in areas like girls’ education and homelessness, poverty. I think, did she marry into the wrong family?

I just think there is so much good she could do and she’s probably going to get held back.

She added:

I just hope they don’t clip her wings, [Duchess Meghan is] a very smart woman.

Wilkinson is probably right, but let’s not forget that Prince Harry is also very outspoken on the issues he cares about. Compared to other members of the royal family (even to his brother), Harry is more progressive, and his opinions do have weight.

On top of that, one of the reasons why Harry and Meghan married is that their views and interests are aligned. Actually, Meghan’s position as a royal may only boost her influence, and Harry will be happy to see that happen.

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