"Serious Falling-Out": Body Language Expert Says The Rift Between Harry And William Continues

April 9, 2019 12:35

Whatever happened between the Cambridges and the Sussexes, the rift between them shows no signs of abating.

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Careful observers noticed that negative changes in the relationship between the two royal couples started around Christmas, and there are no indications that it’s on the mend.

Prince Harry and Prince William’s latest joint engagement and how they behaved around each other only fuels the rumors about the conflict that the Palace has been desperately trying to deny.

Harry and William’s awkward engagement

On Thursday, the two princes and their father met Sir David Attenborough to discuss environmental issues. Royal watchers and experts were quick to notice that William and Harry behaved very awkwardly, as if they didn’t want to be around each other.

Although the brothers arrived at the event in the same car, they didn’t stick to each other as they used to do and only talked to other attendees. In fact, if you didn’t know they are brothers, you could think they are total strangers watching them on Thursday!

And another detail observers noticed: Harry and William pulled nervously at their clothes throughout the evening and made serious effort not to make eye contact.

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Body language expert Peter Clayton commented to Metro on the drastic change in the royal brothers’ behavior around each other:

There isn’t any attempt to look at each other and they appear to be intent on maintaining that distance.

What it does suggest is that whatever has happened between them is a more serious falling out.

Usually, when you do have an argument with a close friend or family member you try not to let it show publicly.

They don’t seem to be doing anything to prevent those assumptions.

In March it was reported that the actual rift is not between the couples or between Meghan and Kate, but that William and Harry are the ones who have a problem with each other.

The Sun reported at the time that a source said the falling-out started with William questioning Meghan’s fitness for the role of a royal.

Will Meghan and Harry’s baby’s arrival change everything? It remains to be seen.

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