Reports Give A Glimpse At Prince George’s Personality, Saying He Is “A Jolly Little Person” And “Full Of Beans”

July 26, 2019

Kate Middleton and Prince William shared a super cute photo of their firstborn, Prince George, to mark an important milestone in the little royal’s life – his 6th birthday.

The photo is believed to be taken by the proud mommy herself. It shows the little Prince’s personality, which has been recently described by a family friend.

He’s a lovely boy

Even though he may become the king of England one day, Prince George is still just a little boy. And, according to a family friend, he is like many other 6-year-old boys.

The friend shared with PEOPLE:

He’s a jolly little person and inquisitive.

The young royal is also ‘full of beans’ and has a very lively spirit. He loves The Lion King and the Lego movies and you, probably, wouldn’t be able to tell that the youngster has the Queen as great-grandma and lives in a palace.

Getty Images / Ideal Image

What do family members think about Prince George?

George’s grandfather, Prince Charles, once noted that the boy loves to be outside and play in nature, while his aunt, Pippa Middleton, said the 6-year-old is ‘very cheerful’ and brought the whole family together.

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The proud dad, Prince William, feels like George might be ‘a bit of a bum sometimes’ as he grows up but that just makes him more adorable in our eyes.