Love Is In The Air! "The Good Doctor" Shaun Murphy Might Finally Have A Chance At Romance In Season 3

July 24, 2019

The Good Doctor's fans, rejoice! Our favorite TV show is coming back to the screen very soon. The premiere of the third season is scheduled on September 23 and we can’t wait!

There will be many twists and turns, as usual, but we might also see the formation of a new and extremely exciting couple.

A chance in love

Shaun Murphy’s love life might get a lot of attention in the new season. Jasika Nicole, who portrayed Dr. Carly Lever, has now become the ABC medical drama’s regular which suggests that her storyline will get closely intertwined with Murphy's.

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As we all remember from the second season’s finale, Shaun was shown putting a fancy suit on and going to Carly’s house to ask her on a date.

Does this mean we’ll see the two fall in love? It might, but we can never be sure with all this TV drama. Yet, there is hope, as the show’s executive producer David Shore wants to see Murphy in a relationship, just like all of us do.

He previously shared with TVLine:

The audience wants to see Shaun with Lea [together], and I kind of do, too, but we’ll see where that goes. At a certain point, I was going, ‘Oh, the audience is going to hate me for not having him ask Lea out,’ but then I thought just seeing him ask anybody out — and Carly is someone we care about, and somebody who cares about Shaun — is going to be a lovely victory.

Shore continued by teasing:

All [of those romantic pairings] are on the table and continue to be on the table as we go forward.

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We will just have to wait for The Good Doctor’s third season to find out what the show’s creators have in mind for Shaun Murphy’s love life.