Body Language Expert Reveals Prince Harry’s Real Reaction To The Birth Of His Child As Royal Made An Announcement

May 7, 2019 14:24

Prince Harry has always wanted to become a father. But how does he feel now when his dream finally came true?

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The body language expert deciphered the ginger royal’s behavior as the new dad stepped out to announce the birth of his first child.

Harry’s genuine reaction

After the birth of baby Sussex, Prince Harry gave a brief interview to reporters live to confirm the happy news. The body language expert Judi James closely watched the royal’s behavior and revealed her opinion about what Harry’s body language tells about his new role as a parent.

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According to James, the now dad was so elated that he completely forgot the protocol and instead of the scripted announcement, he shared his true feelings.

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Judi said:

It's not often we see any royal using spontaneously happy and excited body language to this level but Harry was clearly too proud and joyful to do anything else but share his great news with anyone around, including the horses, which he randomly thanked at the end of his announcement!

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The expert says that the Prince’s whole body was screaming happiness. She explained:

Harry is into whole-body happiness here, spontaneously jumping forward as he says the words 'baby boy' and describing the experience as 'amazing' while throwing his hands out and erupting with a loud giggle.

Back in January, James noted that the ginger royal has already started acting like “alpha papa” so it’s evident that he will do everything to protect his family.

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We are so happy for the Sussex couple and can’t wait to see the first photos of their baby son.