Correspondent Claims Prince Harry Shut Her Down When She Asked Personal Question About Princess Charlotte's Birth

May 30, 2019 13:23

It’s not a secret that Prince Harry doesn’t like the press, to put it softly. The Sun’s royal editor Duncan Larcombe believes that this specific attitude blossomed since Princess Diana’s death.

According to Larcombe, Harry blames the press for his mother’s untimely passing. Throughout the years, the royal built a strong resentment towards media but, unlucky for him, he has to deal with it almost daily.

However, it doesn’t mean that Harry will tolerate inappropriate behavior coming from the press.

The moment when Harry shut down the royal correspondent

Royal correspondent Rhiannon Mills revealed to the Sky News the moment Prince Harry left her completely speechless with his remark.

Mills was just starting up as a journalist at that time and it was her first ever interview with the Duke of Sussex. She said:

What was amazing about that conversation was how down to earth he was. How candid he was.

Then she described how Harry’s response astonished her to the core. Mills shared:

I said to him: ‘Oh you were away for the birth of Princess Charlotte. Did you feel that you missed out on this big moment for your brother and sister in law?’

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And his answer to this very personal question was:

And he turned around to me and said: ‘Look when you’ve been in the Army and when you lost your mother at the age that I did, you toughen up’.

Rhiannon remembers her reaction, being utterly surprised by the royal’s honesty. She explained:

I just thought wow, that is quite something to be said in the very first conversation I had ever had with him. But it gave me an insight into the kind of man that he was in that he will be very open.

Prince Harry’s openness is really something to admire. He once even described himself as "too much army, and not enough prince."

But perhaps that’s something that makes him so likable, don’t you think?