Dick Van Dyke Is Ready To "Defend" Angela Lansbury After ‘Star Trek’ Actor Challenges Her To A Fight

June 14, 2019

Star Trek star Brent Spiner is getting ready for a fight…with Angle Lansbury. Spiner jokingly challenged 93-year-old legendary actress to a fight in the UFC ring.

We don’t know whether Lansbury responded in any way but our bets are on her!

Luckily, the actress won’t need to show her best fighting moves as Dick Van Dyke is ready to defend her honor.

The knight in shining armor

Dick Van Dyke responded to Spiner’s tweet with a hilarious message, offering his knight services to Dame Lansbury.

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He wrote:

I will defend the honor of Dame Lansbury for free!! The pier at the sundown!! Be there, if you dare!!

As their chat continued, Spiner announced his defeat saying he’s giving up, to which Van Dyke replied, 'Brent Spine-less!!!' 

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The hilarious banter comes after Justin Bieber publically challenged Tom Cruise “to fight in the octagon.” Many social media users made fun of the 25-year-old star, including Spiner.

We don’t know what Bieber was thinking about when he wrote that message but we have a feeling that when it comes to putting words into actions, odds will not be in his favor.