Meghan Markle Allegedly Wants To End Family Feud And Invite Her Dad And Sister Over After Giving Birth

March 13, 2019 13:28

Meghan Markle’s family drama has been all over the media since she has officially become a part of the Royal Family. Her bitter relatives have been launching verbal attacks at the Duchess one after another with the loudest ones coming from her father and half-sister.

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Meghan’s relationship with her dad, Thomas Markle, fell apart after her wedding and the feud reached its peak after Thomas published a personal letter from his daughter for everyone to see.

The Duchess’ relationship with her half-sister, Samantha Grant, is a different story as the two haven’t seen each other for ages, yet Grant claims that Meghan is the one to blame for their rocky relationship.

But it seems that the pregnant royal got tired of her family’s attacks in the press and decided to end the rivalry.

Will she forgive and forget?

According to Daily Mail, Meghan is ready to offer an olive branch to her estranged relatives. It’s been reported that the Duchess has been feeling devastated over the family feud for quite some time now but she hopes that everything will change after the birth of her first child.

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The Duchess, allegedly, discussed her worries with her close friends and revealed that she understands that her relatives might be under the pressure but she wishes that they would rather focus on “making difference than criticizing her.”

It was said:

She plans to extend an olive branch to the family and invite them to visit after the baby is born – her sister [Samantha Markle] included. Meghan hopes and prays that the baby will bring her family back together.

However, back in February, Meghan's brother claimed that the Duchess’ relationship with her father is broken to the point that it can't be fixed.

Nonetheless, we hope that the Sussex baby’s arrival will mark a new chapter in Meghan’s life and help to bring her family closer.

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