Meghan Markle's Friend Reveals What Meghan And Harry Were Doing Before The Duchess Went Into Labor

May 8, 2019 13:34

When Meghan Markle finally gave birth to her and Prince Harry’s first child, the world erupted with cheers. Many people around the globe sent their congratulation, including Meghan’s close friend, Daniel Martin.

Martin, who calls himself a “guncle”, shared a post from the Sussex couple’s official Instagram, saying how proud he feels.

Previously, the makeup artist revealed what Meghan and Harry were doing in the days leading up to the baby Sussex arrival and it’s quite interesting.

No new parents nerves

Daniel Martin, the man behind Meghan Markle’s now-famous wedding makeup look, shared with People how the royal couple prepared to become parents.

He visited Meghan and Harry’s new home just weeks before their baby son was born and revealed that the couple didn’t act like expecting parents. They were relaxed and not nervous at all.

Martin said:

They weren’t anxious at all. They’re both very calming personalities. There was no pressure. They were just like, ‘The baby will come when it’s ready.’

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The makeup genius also revealed what the couple was doing before Meghan went into labor. He commented:

They were hanging out in their backyard, cooking, just going about their daily lives.

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Daniel is Meghan’s very close friend. He has been a big part of her life for ages, being present at many big events, including the Duchess’ baby shower.

Martin has always been by Markle’s side and we are certain that he will shower the new mom with as much support and help as possible.