Royal Expert Claims Meghan Markle Is A "Difficult Character" And Makes Prince Harry Miserable

March 14, 2019 18:08

There has been a big mystery of disappearing palace aids in the royal household. For some reason, not one, not two, but three people quit their jobs in a very short amount of time. Was their position so demanding or the problem lies in something else? Like, their boss, for example – Meghan Markle?

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Many royal fans have been left surprised over the fact that Meghan’s assistant private secretary, who was appointed only last year, is already leaving her job.

That makes us wonder what would be the reason for such an abrupt decision. One royal expert thinks that’s the explanation is pretty simple. He believes that Meghan is a difficult person to work with.

The expert’s opinion

The royal expert, James Morrow, claimed that the pregnant Duchess has a “pretty difficult” character, which also affects her husband, Prince Harry.

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Morrow commented:

I think it is a particularly tough gig for a princess like Meghan Markle who is in fact actually fairly notorious – something of a princess in a non-royal sense of the word.

He also noted that it’s not easy to deal with Meghan and Prince Harry knows it as he is often seen “glum and miserable” when he’s with her.

The expert explained:

You know what? Every time Harry is with her he always just looks very glum and miserable. However, every time you see a picture of them off with the lads and doing something else it is all smiles and laughter.

Meghan’s “difficult” character has already made the news earlier. Royal correspondent, Richard Palmer, claimed that the royal family and staff who work for it think that the Duchess is very demanding.

But, perhaps, she just knows what she wants and plays her own trumpet, which is not something other royals often do.

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