Wonder Woman: Julia Louis-Dreyfus Continued To Work On ‘VEEP’ While Undergoing Six Rounds Of Chemotherapy

May 16, 2019 15:49

Julia Louis-Dreyfus was terrified when she was diagnosed with cancer. But the 58-year-old revealed that despite the occasional scary moments, she didn't allow herself "go to a really dark place."

The actress didn’t let her diagnose to take over her life so she continued to work on her hit show Veep and make people laugh.

The awe-worthy strength

Despite undergoing six rounds of chemotherapy, feeling nauseous all the time, and struggling to keep the food down, Louis-Dreyfus never stopped working.

She revealed:

We weren’t shooting, but I read scripts. My rounds of chemotherapy were three weeks apart, so at the end of every three weeks I would go in and do table reads.

The horrible effects of chemotherapy made it extremely difficult to go back to work but Julia called her job a “very joyful distraction.”

The actress commented:

If I hadn’t had a show that was relying on me, I don’t know that I would have gone so public with it. But I had 200 people waiting to go back to work.

She says that cancer helped her to understand the most important things in life and appreciate “the good stuff” more.

In 2018, Julia stated on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that she's got a lot of positive feedback from the doctors and that she can finally say that she beat cancer.

The sevenths and final season of Veep aired on May 12 but we are certain that Louis-Dreyfus will soon be back on the screen with something new and exciting.