Royal Expert Slams Buckingham Palace For Delay In Announcing Meghan’s Labor: "The Palace Cannot Issue Lies"

May 10, 2019 16:59

When the Palace announced that Meghan Markle went into labor, the world froze in anticipation and excitement. But as it turns out, the announcement came hours after the Duchess had already given birth.

That created a lot of disappointment on social media. Moreover, some royal fans even suggested a theory that Meghan welcomed baby Archie two weeks ago. While such secrecy is understandable, it might cause some danger for the royal couple.

Expert warns the Sussex family

Royal expert Duncan Larcombe was very unhappy when he found out that there was a massive delay in announcing Duchess of Sussex’s labor. Larcombe is certain that such actions might create some unpleasant consequences for the couple.

During an interview with Yahoo’s the Royal Box, he said:

I think with the press that Harry probably doesn’t ever like the press. But I think there is a danger that by shutting them out time and time again.

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Larcombe implies that the enraged press can be a very powerful enemy. He also noted that the Palace can’t lie to people, saying:

And then there was the email announcing that she had gone into labour and it turned out seven hours earlier the baby had been born. The Palace cannot issue lies, they cannot do that.

More so, earlier this year, Duncan called Meghan and Harry's plan to keep their baby’s arrival in complete secrecy "foolish."

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We can only guess what will happen in the future but we hope that Meghan and Harry will find the right balance between privacy and openness.