Expert Claims Thomas Markle's Behavior Was "Quite Complex" Even Before The Family Drama Started

April 5, 2019

Duchess Meghan’s relationship with her father Thomas has been all over the media since her royal wedding. They have turned into an emotional soap-opera any drama TV series would have been jealous of.

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Thomas has tried to convince everyone that after marrying the British Prince, his daughter refused to speak to him. However, a private letter from Meghan, which was sent right after her wedding, paints a very different picture.

A body language expert has looked through old photos of Meghan with her dad and revealed that their relationship wasn’t perfect even before she became the Duchess.

What did the expert say?

Judi James carefully analyzed the snaps of Meghan and Thomas from the earlier days and said the pregnant royal’s body language is warm and tactile as she always wants to display happy family bond – the desire that could have emerged as a result of her parents’ divorce.

On the photos with her dad, she shows strong affection, which could be perceived even as “hero-worship.” However, her father’s body language is “quite complex” and very different.

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James commented:

He looks rather guarded, leaning to one side with a mouth-clamp, down-turned smile and with his hands stuffed in his pockets rather than reciprocating in the much more tactile behaviour from Meghan.

It appears that young Meghan openly shows her feelings for her father, but doesn’t get the same response. Judi explained:

Her pose makes her look like she’s showering love and fun on her dad here but with a rather low response from him.

Now, their relationship has changed drastically. Even though it’s been reported that the Duchess wants to invite her dad to London after she gives birth, some experts believe that Thomas will never meet his grandchildren.

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