Royal Author Claims Meghan And Harry Will Ask One Of Princess Diana's Sisters To Become Godmother To Archie

May 15, 2019 14:10

Princess Diana’s dear sisters, Lady Sarah McCorquodale and Lady Jane Fellowes, have been mostly hiding from the public eye since they lost their sibling. However, they couldn’t miss their nephew Prince Harry’s wedding.

The ginger royal, reportedly, has a very close relationship with his aunts so he made sure they were present at his special day. Moreover, Lady Jane Fellowes played an important role at the event as she gave the reading at the ceremony.

The possible godmother?

Knowing that both Lady Sarah and Lady Jane have a special place in Prince Harry’s heart, it’s not surprising that he will get them involved in his son’s life.

Royal biographer Andrew Morton claims that the Sussex couple will ask one of Princess Diana's sisters to become a godmother to baby Archie. But which one they will choose?

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Morton comments:

Sarah McCorquodale was the reckless one, the wild one, the one who was expelled from school, very much in the kind of Harry mold. And then Jane [Fellowes], the elder sister was very much the sensible one and she was the one who read a lesson at the wedding. So it will be very interesting which Spencer they ask to be a godparent, will they go wild or will they go steady?

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Princess Diana's siblings were actually among the first people to learn about the royal baby's birth, which wasn’t the case when William and Kate’s children were born.

It only proves how much Lady Jane and Lady Sarah mean to Prince Harry so we can totally understand his wish to make one of them godmather to his firstborn.