Are Meghan And Harry Lying About Their Son's Birth Date? Body Language Expert Gives Her Final Verdict

May 13, 2019 13:09

After The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s first appearance with their newborn son Archie, some royal fans became convinced that the royal couple is hiding the truth about when the baby was actually born.

Social media exploded with suggestions that Meghan and Harry welcomed Archie 2 weeks before the official announcement was made.

But could it be true? The body language expert reveals her verdict.

What do the couple’s body language say?

Body language expert Patti Wood analyzed the couple’s first interview with their newborn son and shared her opinion.

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Wood said:

When he said ‘the last two weeks’ it came out very smoothly. Typically, when something is authentic, there’s a musicality to it, there’s a smoothness to it, there’s a naturalness to it. Her comment [of ‘the last couple of days’] had me saying something’s not right, and his didn’t.

The expert also noted Meghan’s crooked smile, which can suggest the Duchess felt discomfort as still was in physical pain.

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Wood took a special attention to Prince Harry’s “every single day” comment, saying:

If it’s been two days, you wouldn’t say that. You would say, he’s changed over the last two days, or he’s changed over the last 24-hour period. It’s word choice, it’s word emphasis.

So, does Patti think the couple was simply nerves or were they actually hiding something from us? The expert commented:

I am curious, because there was more than one indication.

What’s also interesting is that the royal parents decided not to make Archie's birth certificate public, which only fueled the conspiracy theory about the boy’s actual birth date.

What do you think? Are Harry and Meghan lying to us?