Royal Expert Is Certain Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Will Break Royal Tradition With Nanny For Their Son

June 11, 2019 09:17

We all know that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is a very untraditional royal couple. They like to break the protocol rules and blow their own trumpet. This rebellious position concerns everything, including their first child, son Archie.

They have already broken quite a few rules with the announcement of Archie’s birth. The couple kept it under the veil of intense privacy, which is drastically different in comparison to Kate and William.

Moreover, the Sussex duo announced the birth of their baby through Instagram first, which has never happened before with such big news. But there are many more traditions Meghan and Harry plan to break.

The nanny

The royal historian, Victoria Howard, believes that the Sussexes will go against the tradition of hiring a professional nanny from Norland College, as many other royal ladies did.

Howard claims that Meghan and Harry will opt for a “non-traditional” child carer who will match their progressive views. It’s also possible Meghan will follow the recommendations of her Hollywood friends.

The historian said:

I think they will look for things that will make them aware of mental health perhaps, encouraging creativity and for them to be themselves. So I definitely think it’s going to be non-traditional, maybe someone that has been recommended by some of their Hollywood friends perhaps.

Victoria is certain the couple will go for someone who has a lot of experience but also “more of a rounded attitude towards child rearing.”

But it doesn’t matter what kind of nanny Meghan and Harry will choose. The Duchess’ mom Doria will always be around to help.