Trouble In Paradise? Barack Obama Is, Reportedly, Extremely Jealous Of His Wife Michelle's Success In The Literary World

May 24, 2019

After leaving the life in the White House, Michelle Obama came back to the spotlight with a bang. The wife of the former US president is no longer lingering in her husband’s shadow as she reached the status of a rock star.

It all happened because of her memoir Becoming, which sold 1.4m copies just in its first week and is perceived to be one of the bestselling books in history.

But what does Barack think about his wife’s success? Well, he’s not exactly happy.

A fit of jealousy

In the new article for The Atlantic, journalist Edward-Isaac Dovere writes about the 2020 election and how Barack Obama will affect it. Dovere also shares an interesting detail about the former president’s personal life.

According to the journalist, Barack feels very jealous of his wife’s success in the literary world. He’s writing his own memoir at the moment but it doesn’t go as smoothly and fast as he’d expected.

Dovere writes:

The 44th president is feeling competitive with his wife.

Not only that, he, apparently, makes an occasional barbed remark that he is writing his book by himself while Michelle used the help of a ghostwriter.

Perhaps, Mr. Obama hasn’t used to letting his wife shine. When he was a president, Michelle had to forget about her own ambitions and became her husband’s shadow.

We wonder how her success will affect the couple’s dynamic in the future but we hope that Barack will learn how to be second from time to time.