Outrageous! 83-Year-Old Woman With A Broken Arm Was Turned Away From Hospital For Being "Too Old"

June 27, 2019 10:11

According to news, hospitals sometimes don't provide proper treatment for people over 65. This is a sad fact that many pensioners faced when they required medical care.

Chompoo Suriyo /

In worst cases, some elderly patients over 70 years old leave hospitals more disabled than when they arrived. One 83-year-old woman, sadly, had to experience the injustice on her own skin.

Too old to be treated

Susan Halbert had an unlucky incident. A nasty fall outside her home caused the woman a broken arm in two places. Paramedics quickly arrived and took the 83-year-old to Glasgow’s New Victoria Hospital but she was turned down because she was, apparently, too old to be treated.

The pensioner recalled the shock she experienced:

I’ve never experienced anything like it. They took me to the Victoria and we went inside, only for the receptionist to explain that I couldn’t be seen because I was over the age of 65.

After Susan’s story became a public notion, health chiefs were forced to apologize to her.

Social media is enraged

We are all human beings and should be treated equally, no matter whether someone is 1 year old or 101.