Princess Diana's Former Butler Claims Meghan Markle Was Not Given Any Preparation For Joining The Royal Family

July 2, 2019

Paul Burrell served as Princess Diana’s butler for 10 years before her passing so he knows a thing or two about the life of the royal family and he believes Meghan Markle is strong enough to fit in it.

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Burrell praised the Duchess for her independence in the past, noting that her character might lead to clashes with some royals.

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However, he revealed that Meghan was not given any kind of preparation for her new role.

The butler’s words

Paul Burrell believes the Duchess of Sussex hasn’t received any guidance on how to navigate her life as a royal.

He shared with The Royal Box:

Would you believe there is no rule book, there is no etiquette lesson, there are no advisors. Nobody prepares people coming into the Royal Family.

The former butler thinks that this is why things went wrong in the past so Meghan needs to be more careful about her personal views, especially when it comes to politics.

Burrell explained:

What comes with maturity is a set of beliefs and they don’t always sit well with the Royal Family. She [Meghan] has to toe the party line.

The 61-year-old has become a public figure after his numerous interviews where he shared his opinion about royals. Not long ago, he revealed how Princess Diana would have reacted to Prince Harry’s first child.

He stated that the late royal would have been thrilled for her youngest son and would help the new family every way she could. It’s such a shame she didn’t get to meet her grandchildren.