Expert Believes Meghan Markle Uses One "Possessive" Gesture That Lowers Her Status To Gain Sympathy

March 19, 2019

When Meghan Markle became engaged to Prince Harry, she had a big task ahead of her. She needed not only to charm her royal in-laws but also the whole country.

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Not every Brit was happy with the fact that their Prince is marrying an American actress. There have been many reasons why Meghan was deemed unfit for her new role, including her age, her origin, her marriage history, and her political views.

Even after the royal wedding, people still asked the same question – did Harry make the right choice? However, it seems that Markle is trying her best to show she belongs in her place, especially when it comes to her body language.

A special gesture

Since their first joint appearance together, many eagle-eyed royal watchers noticed one particular gesture Meghan was doing. She was always holding Harry’s arm with her both hands, which is something she still does.

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Some called this gesture an unnecessary PDA, others thought it was cute, but the body language expert, Judi James, thinks there is more to it than the eye can see.

James said that this “possessive but also passive” action is directed towards the British public. She believes that in this way Meghan tries to appear more likable to the Brits because this move is actually lowering her status.

Judi explained:

Hand-holding is a common gesture for most couples in love, but by pulling Harry’s left arm out with her free hand and pressing it against her own torso Meghan appeared to be performing a lowering ritual of ingratiation, i.e. looking slightly vulnerable by clinging to her prince in a very effective and sensible bid to gain acceptance by the entire country.

Not only that, the Duchess is also trying to gain the country’s sympathy by acquiring Princess Diana’s body language trick.

James revealed that Meghan uses “baby wave” gesture, which is a technique Prince Harry’s late mother used in order to look more approachable to her fans and the public. Do you think the pregnant royal’s tricks work?

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