Meghan Markle Is Accused Of Photoshopping Herself A Slimmer Body And Lighter Skin On Archie's Christening Portrait

July 8, 2019 13:47

On Saturday, July 6, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex released an official family photograph from their son’s chastening. On it, Meghan looked very happy and totally stunning, sporting an all-white ensemble and showing off her radiant complexion.

However, many royal fans noticed that the Duchess looks very different on the photo, comparing to the snaps from her very recent outing at Wimbledon.

Has she photoshopped herself?

Social media users noted that Meghan Markle looked miraculously slimmer on the official family portrait. The Duchess also seemed to have a lighter skin color.

Just a day before the photograph was released, the Duchess appeared at Wimbledon to support her long-time pal Serena Williams.

Getty Images / Ideal Image

On the shots taking from the surprise outing, we can see Meghan looking slightly different. The new mom donned a casual attire, featuring a white stripy jacket, jeans, and a black t-shirt.

Comparing the photographs from the Wimbledon outing and Archie’s christening, social media came to the conclusion that Meghan seems to have changed overnight.

But did she really ask her photographer to make a few adjustments on the official family portrait?

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Knowing that previously the Duchess noted in one of her interviews that her biggest pet peeve is when her “skin tone is changed and freckles airbrushed out of a photo shoot”, we doubt she would go against her own convictions. But what do you think?