People Are Worried About Meghan's Feud With Kate, But What Is Going On Between Her And Camilla?

March 1, 2019 11:31

Everyone and their dog are discussing the relationship between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. It looked like the feud rumors have subsided since the two royal women’s last appearance together.

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But the speculations have started again when it was revealed that Kate was absent from Meghan’s baby shower in New York.

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While everyone is focused on the rift between the Duchesses, we wonder what kind of relationship Meghan has with another lady in the family – Duchess Camilla.

Are they friends or foes?

The body language expert, Judi James, deciphered Meghan and Camilla’s behavior around each other, and here’s what she’s got to say.

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James suggests that the two women managed to bond since Prince Harry’s wife became a part of the royal family. They seem to understand each other, which is quite surprising to see.

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The expert commented:

The bonding between Meghan and her in-laws looks intense, and there are several poses between Meghan and Camilla Parker Bowles that would hint at high levels of developing empathy and understanding.

It appears that Camilla and Meghan bonded over one special thing – their affection towards Prince Charles. The future King of England walked his daughter-in-law down the aisle, which has certainly deepened their relationship.

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Judi said:

Camilla seems to have spotted the fact that Meghan is a fan of Prince Charles and that appears to be creating a more easy-going relationship than she appears to have with Kate and William.

Moreover, the Duchess of Cornwall reportedly offered a helping hand to Meghan when she was experiencing pre-wedding jitters.

Their close relationship was blooming during Prince Charles' 70th birthday party when the two were spotted laughing together and enjoying each other’s company.

So it seems that Markle has one ally in the royal household, which is definitely helping her in adjusting to her role as the wife of the British Prince.

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