Meghan And Harry Have The Funniest Reaction To A Boy Who Dropped “F” Word In Front Of Them

February 4, 2019 17:49

It’s getting closer and closer to that exciting time when the royal family will announce the arrival of another heir to the throne. Even though the baby will only take the seventh place in the line, his or her coming is much anticipated nonetheless.

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On October 15, it was announced that the Duchess of Sussex was 12 weeks pregnant and she is expected to give birth someday in April, which means that the new royal baby will be just one year apart from Prince Louis. Recently, the parents-to-be proved in a hilarious incident that they are ready to welcome their first child.

The “F” bomb

When Meghan and Harry were meeting kids in Bristol during their visit to the city as part of the Old Vic’s outreach program, the royal couple was in for a surprise.

One young boy, who was amongst the workshop attendees, relaxed a little bit too much and forgot with whom he was talking to. The boy casually dropped the “f” bomb right in front of the Duke and Duchess.

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Whilst talking to the regal couple, he explained:

When you’re on the stage, you can’t be like, you know, f***ing around on the stage.

The dad-to-be Prince Harry couldn’t hold a wry grin whilst his pregnant wife let out a surprised chuckle. Check out the funny interaction below.

Despite the comic situation, Meghan and Harry continued doing their duties in a very professional manner but we are certain that the moment won’t be forgotten that easily.

Meghan’s reaction only shows that she will be a fun mom and her body language proves it. Body language expert Judi James shared:

Meghan’s bump-cradling also suggests she will be an openly doting and enthusiastic mother.

We can’t wait for the Sussex baby to arrive!

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