Prince William Has Been Much Superior To Harry Since Childhood While Ginger Royal Only Wanted Attention, Reports Say

July 30, 2019

Royal writer Ingrid Seward once noted that since childhood, Prince Harry always felt overshadowed by his older brother, Prince William.

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A documentary titled William and Harry: Brothers in Arms even branded the ginger royal an ‘idiot’ as it was one of the roles he tried to play to be noticed.

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It might have been very hard for Harry to follow his brother’s lead as it was reported that William was acting like a future king even when he was just 10 years old.

Excellent speech-maker

A royal commentator, Victoria Arbiter, revealed to Yahoo's Royal Box that Prince William was already superior to his younger brother when they were just kids.

She talked about one Christmas party in 1992 held at Kensington Palace where big names like George Michael and Elton John were invited. During dinner, Princess Diana asked her eldest son to make a speech, which he totally nailed.

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While the future king was thanking guests for coming, Prince Harry was, reportedly, ‘pulling’ at Diana’s skirt ‘for attention’ as she beamed at William.

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Arbiter said:

She was so proud she was beaming and Harry was right next to her and as Harry was want to do, was tugging on her skirt trying to get her attention and she was saying 'shut up Harry, one minute, one minute.

Victoria noted that William and Harry not only have different personalities, they also have different roles within the royal family.

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For this reason, their separation was inevitable. Nonetheless, fans love both royal brothers despite their differences.