Expert Claims Meghan And Harry’s Child Will Have Quirky And Unconventional Personality And Might Bond With Louis

March 29, 2019 14:30

Penny Thornton has worked as an astrologer for over 30 years but she became known to the public after it was discovered that she worked with Princess Diana for quite a long time.

Since then Thornton made many predictions about the royals, including Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. But now she decided to give a little insight into their unborn baby’s personality.

What the Sussex born might be like?

Penny Thornton revealed to People what kind of character traits the Sussex baby will have. She said:

This baby will be quirky and unconventional and will be his or her own person.

However, depending on whether the baby will enter this world before April 21 or until April 30, he or she might possess different qualities.

It appears that the Sussex firstborn is more likely to be Taurus, which means he or she will be very “stable and predictable” with the affinity for things that are “real and long-lasting.”

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But it’s likely that he or she won’t be a typical Taurean. Thornton explains:

This baby will be very bright and experimental – he or she will be not be able to fit into any template – Taureans like to conform and this child is a non-conformist.

However, if the baby arrives earlier than expected, he or she will be Aries, which is quite a contrasting personality. Penny says:

He or she will be very forthright, sporty, adventurous, independent and extrovert.

According to the astrologer, the Sussex kid will have many things in common with Prince Louis. That might suggest that the two will be able to build a good friendship.

Previously, Penny talked about Harry and Meghan, saying that the two are “right for each other” and that they have “such a connection.”

Thornton also noted that the Sussexes won’t follow “royal suite” and judging by how the things are playing out, they are definitely not the most conventional royal couple.

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