Grief Can't Stop A Thief: Family Used Their Late Dad's Lucky Shirt As A Pillow, And Someone Stole It!

September 27, 2018

Pain of losing a loved one is sometimes nearly impossible to handle. In this case, anything that helps to cope with grief is welcome. For example, after two girls lost a father, their mom presented them with teddy bears, which had recordings of the dad's voice and smelled of his cologne.

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What's even more amazing, both teddy bears were wearing striped blue shirts, just like their father used to have. They were unbelievably happy to receive these wonderful gifts for Christmas and have their dad with them in spirit.

But one family that tried to preserve the memory of their father had it stolen, and the story is absolutely outrageous.

Someone stole an integral part of the family

The Fox family recently lost their father. Jeff Fox was 61-years-old when his heart gave out during a Brewer game in Milwaukee. 

Going out to sports games was a tradition for the family, and Jeff's son Justin told NBC15 that his father always used to wear the same lucky shirt. It was a red checkered shirt and Jeff always relied on it:

When I picture Badger games, that shirt is one of the things I picture.

Considering how much this shirt meant for them, the Fox family decided to make it into a pillow and take to every game with them.

The pillow also has a very special writing on it: "This is a shirt I used to wear. Whenever you hold it, know I am there. Love, Dad."

Needless to say, this seemingly trivial thing for others, is one of the most precious possessions for the Fox family. They always left it in a locked cabinet of their private suite to always have it there when they come to watch a game.

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Recently, however, they had to miss two first games and upon their return discovered that the pillow was missing.

The family is absolutely devastated and they don't understand why would someone steal such a worthless thing. Seriously, how ridiculous is that?

Justin announced they aren't planning to press charges and only asks for the pillow to be returned:

We're losing a piece of our dad. That was one of the things he truly cared about. It's something we saw him in the last four or five years.

The Fox family is trying to make their story viral to have a memory of their dad be returned to them, and people want to help.

Supportive comments shared on social media

You can also help the family by spreading the word and making sure everyone knows how important that pillow is to them.

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