Best Grandmother Ever! The Queen Unintentionally Flashed Photos Of Her Grandsons And Their Wives In Buckingham Palace

July 26, 2019

Frankly speaking, Queen Elizabeth II has always seemed a bit strict and reserved to us, but in fact, she has the softest spot for her closest family.

Her Majesty has a lot of family photos in Buckingham Palace and we once had a chance to take a glimpse at one of those miracles! It is hard to tell the exact members, but we could spot Princess Charlotte on someone's lap, Prince George, and Prince Charles below. Who else can you recognize?

Yet, we've prepared more interesting family pictures for you! On July 24, the Queen had to meet Britain's new prime minister, Boris Johnson, at Buckingham Palace. The official account of the Royal Family posted the photo on Instagram to mark this special occasion.

Eagle-eyed royal admirers spotted more intimate details — three family photos were put on the display. We zoomed the picture for you in order to see snaps:

#1 — we can see the official photo of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's engagement; #2 — we also can see the engagement portrait of Prince William and Kate Middleton behind the Sussex couple; #3 — the picture of two royal brothers, which was taken many years ago.

Getty Images / Ideal Image

How sweet is Her Majesty? Business is business, but she never puts family treasures away from the spotlight.

In fact, the members of the Royal Family seemingly love Queen Elizabeth II. Surely, we have no information inside their real bond out of the media attention, but numerous photos prove how close they all are to the monarch.

Getty Images / Ideal Image

Thanks to the Queen, we had an excellent opportunity to look at the most famous royals of our time, the Cambridges and the Sussexes.