54-Year-Old Wendy Williams Is 'Dating' 27-Year-Old Marc Tomblin Amid The Ongoing Divorce, And People Are So Mad

June 13, 2019 14:42

Wendy Williams' actions have been a bit unreasonable amid the divorce from Kevin Hunter. The couple decided to separate after two decades due to Kevin's alleged adultery. 

A month ago, Wendy Williams said she is working on her divorce "pleasantly" and referred to herself as "a single woman running around New York."

New relationship

It seems like the TV host isn't single any longer. 54-year-old Wendy Williams is reportedly moving on with a former convicted felon and social media enthusiast, 27-year-old Marc Tomblin.

The couple reportedly spent the weekend in California but have been in New York City on several dates.

According to the eyewitness, they looked joyous and delighted and appeared to be enjoying each other’s company.

According to public records, Marc Tomblin was convicted of conspiracy to commit robbery with a dangerous weapon and breaking and entering, for which he served over a year in prison. 

Wendy Williams is fully aware of his criminal past and is fine with it. She told TMZ that she is "a 54-year-old grown a** woman" and she knows what she's doing.

Even though Wendy and Marc have been seen together several times, the TV host denied the fact she's having a boyfriend. 

People didn't take the news very well

Do you think the divorce process is taking a toll on Wendy Williams?