"No Privacy. What Changed?!": People Judge Meghan For 'Seeking Attention' And Posing For Cameras With Archie

July 12, 2019 14:28

Meghan Markle is slammed for her controversial privacy plan, which she has been implementing for a really long time.

The Polo Day

Meghan Markle made a surprise appearance with two-month-old son Archie at a polo match just to see how Prince Harry played with Prince William and other guests for charity purposes.

Usually, outing with kids make people swoon over, but in Meghan's case, it was the opposite — people criticized the Duchess for using Archie as "a prop" and looking "terribly uncomfortable" holding him.

Moreover, people voiced their outrage over Meghan's privacy plan. She has been trying to keep Archie and herself from the spotlight, but appeared at the super public events such as Wimbledon and Polo Day, knowing she would be captured.

Social media is literally going mad over the Duchess's behavior and thus, Twitter users cannot wrap their heads over her logic.

People also cannot fathom why Meghan Markle is so focused on her privacy and shows up in the most social occasions if she wants to fly under the radar.

Second pregnancy?

When the Duchess of Sussex stepped out in an oversized khaki shirt dress at the Polo Day, people began to speculate she's pregnant again. Social media users believe the Duchess was hiding a new baby bump under her structure-less dress. Some people even suggested that Archie was born via surrogate and only now Meghan is actually pregnant.

So many questions and speculations toward Meghan Markle and so little answers and explanations.