Baby Archie Is Not The Only Royal To Have A Private Christening, Royal Historian Claims

July 3, 2019 12:59

Baby Archie is going to be baptized on Saturday, July 6 — he will be exactly two months old. While many people expected the royal christening to be public as it was with Kate and William's three children, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry decided to do something different.

It was reported the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's son is to be baptized in a private ceremony in the Queen's Chapel at Windsor Castle. There will be around 25 people, reports added. It seems like the Sussex parents try to do anything to keep Archie out of the spotlight.

He's not the one

A lot of hateful people, including famous Piers Morgan, criticized the couple over their choice of privacy. However, Archie Harrison Windsor-Mountbatten is not the only royal to have unpublic baptism.

Royal historian Marlene Koenig told Harper's Bazaar that Archie's private christening doesn't stray from the royal traditions. Prior to the digital era and photography boom, baptisms were closed ceremonies for only the dearest people for centuries.

Koenig said:

The British royals have largely had private baptisms for centuries prior to the advent of photography, a court correspondent would write a visual report of the baptism for The Times and other British papers.

The royal historian also added that despite the ever-developing century, christening is still considered as a personal matter for the family. That's why Meghan and Harry wanted to have something "intimate and peaceful" for their son.

Breaking the tradition

According to royal reporter Roya Nikkhah of The Sunday Times, Meghan Markle "could break" a 177-year-old tradition — the Sussex couple could avoid a christening gown for their son.

The attire has been born for decades and is a must thing at the baptism. Since Archie's christening is to be closed from the public, it's unknown what will be going on there. 

Nevertheless, we are glad Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are living their family life to the fullest!