Did You Know That Meghan And Harry Hinted On The Royal Baby's Name 'Archie' A Long Time Ago?

May 13, 2019 11:03

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry officially revealed their son's name, which is Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. The long-awaited announcement was accompanied by a heartfelt photo, featuring the elated parents accompanied by Queen Elizabeth II with Prince Philip alongside Doria Ragland. 

The major hint

Prince Harry seemingly dropped an unnoticed hint back in October 2018, when he shared his fondness of the name Archie. 

During Meghan and Harry's royal trip to New Zealand, which happened after the pregnancy news, the Prince met a young boy in Auckland named Archie. He told the kid he liked his name. 

According to Channel 5 News, Archie Somerville-Ryan opened up about his encounter with the royals and said that Harry liked his name and passed it to his wife Meghan.

Kiwi-born Archie added: 

"My mum said, 'Imagine if they call it Archie.' He [Harry] said, 'Come on Meghan, look at these guys.' Because we had roses in the garden. And he introduced our names and things to Meghan, and kind of like nodded when they said our names."

In fact, the name Archie was somewhat unexpected for many royal fans. Many thought the baby would be named Arthur or James, but no — the Duke and Duchess of Sussex named the newborn according to their preferences.


On May 8th, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle debuted with their newborn son. Both parents were overjoyed and shared some of their true feelings. The Duchess of Sussex's motherhood has been "magic" while calling Archie "a dream." 

The Duke of Sussex also added that "parenting is amazing" and everything has been great for both new parents. 

What if a New Zealander boy named Archie really was an inspiration for Meghan and Harry to call their baby boy like that? How amazing is it?!