Is Brotherly Love Still Alive? These Behind-The-Scenes Wedding Snaps Prove How Close They Really Are

May 20, 2019

Time flies like crazy! Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been married for a year, and they have already become parents of their royal son Archie! 

In honor of their one-year anniversary, the Sussex couple shared a black-and-white video with the photos behind the scenes of their regal nuptials on May 19th, 2018. Here, you can see simple, subtle, and hilarious snaps of Meghan and Harry's families.

Brotherly love

Indeed, the video had more sense that one might have thought. While some people were watching those awesome pictures from the royal wedding, others spotted a very sweet moment between brothers William and Harry. 

In one particular photo, Charles and Diana's sons are walking down a staircase together, presumably before St. George's Chapel in Windsor Castle for the wedding ceremony itself. 

While Harry has a huge smile on his fair-skinned face, William follows behind his younger sibling, and it looks like he might be smirking. 

Notably, the portrait captures the real bond between the royal brothers on one of the most significant days of their lives.

Best man 

Obviously, Prince William was Prince Harry's best man at his royal wedding with Meghan Markle. 

In fact, when people were making suggestions about Harry's best man, their number one choice was Prince William, just like Prince Harry was the top priority ahead of William's wedding in 2011.

Indeed, brothers have always chosen each other in something important. They have to — they've had only each other after Princess Diana's death.