Prince Harry Was The Perfect Birth Partner During Meghan Markle's Labor, According To Experts. But Why?

May 7, 2019 17:23

May 6th was a remarkable day as Meghan Markle finally gave birth to baby Sussex. The world became slightly heavier as Meghan and Harry's first-time son was born 7lbs. 3oz.

The best birth partner

According to several experts, Prince Harry was the best birth partner during the labor due to numerous factors, which were exactly what pregnant Meghan needed.

Doula UK member Sarah Robinson concedes that Harry is truly caring and kind, "which are perfect qualities for a birth partner." His great sense of humor also helped to keep the atmosphere positive and easy for Meghan.

The founder of LushTums Clare Maddalena believes Harry's military past helped him cope with emotions in critical situations, so "he stayed present and grounded and there for her during labor."

The Mumsy Midwife Clare Litter claims that Harry's supportive and caring side helped him be the outstanding birth partner. 

It’s integral to have someone calm when you’re going through labor and birth. You need someone to ground you in the moments you feel you can’t cope. 

Lastly, Cheshire specialist midwife Kate Green believes Prince Harry's behavior as a birth partner will bring the couple closer. Since the childbirth is an intimate and special moment for both partners, love will only go from strength to strength.

The most amazing experience

After Meghan Markle gave birth, Prince Harry called for the press to give a quick announcement. The overjoyed father was beaming positive vibes and acting like the happiest person while notifying he and Meghan are having a son. Such an amazing feeling!

Prince Harry is a genuine and down-to-earth human being, who adores his wife Meghan, and is now a happy father of a son.