Smitten Prince William And Kate Middleton Were Caught In A Rare Public PDA At The Queen's Garden Party

May 22, 2019 16:00

We love Prince William and Kate Middleton! They've been through thick and thin together and can be proud of knowing each other for 18 years. 

Even though they rarely show PDA publicly, you still can feel their love and care for each other. The reason for avoiding touching in the public eye is due to their closure to the throne. Since William is the second in the line, the couple is expected to behave appropriately anytime.

Tender PDA

However, their avoidance of public touchings does not mean they sometimes violate the royal protocol and the expectations of people. 

During the Queen's garden party, Kate and William showed up being all chic and elegant. She was wearing a pink coat dress and matching hat, whereas Willaim donned a smart suit and a gentleman's hat. 

Curious royal fans spotted the rarest PDA — Prince William was touching Kate's hand above the wrist as if he wanted to say: "Come on, let's get out of here. I just want to be with you away from everyone."

Additionally, the Duchess of Cambridge can't help but burst into laughter when she's around the Duke. Her smile is so wide and her face is so bright that it's like a beacon in the middle of the dark.

How adorable are they? William and Kate are relationship goals! 

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Very special couple 😍😍


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so much love


Very elegant ❤🤗

Again, let us repeat: we love Kate and William! They've been together for 18 years, share 3 children, and go through hardships of the royalty  — and yet, they are still smitten.