They're Finally Complete! Meghan And Prince Harry's PDA While Presenting Their Son Is Too Sweet To Handle

May 8, 2019 17:16

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry introduced their first-time son on May 8th, beaming with happiness and bliss. The proud parents looked wonderfully thrilled and relieved, cuddling their newborn baby. 

It seemed like they didn't even notice the cameras taking shots of the family-of-three as the Sussexes looked beyond delight. Meghan bravely showcased her postpartum body, being surrounded by "the best two guys in the world."

The sweetest PDA

Yes, Meghan and Harry are known for their affectionate PDA in public, but this time, everything was absolutely different. 

Meghan and Harry looked like real parents, and their attachment was demure. The married couple laughingly looked at their newborn baby, as he is the main priority for them now. 

And how could anyone miss the way Harry looked at Meghan? His smile and eyes sort of say, "Thank you for giving birth to our son." The Prince looked definitely joyous to be around his best friend, his wife, and now, the mother of his first child.

On the same breath, Meghan Markle couldn't stop gazing at Harry while touching his arm. The Prince was holding their newborn son, and Meghan looked so protective of their kid while standing extremely close to her husband.

As they walked away from cameramen, Meghan gently put her hand on Harry's back, and they both looked at their newborn. 

They seem so complete, guys. We have never seen Meghan and Harry so happy!

Reactions of fans 

Congratulations to the new parents! Meghan and Harry indeed deserve such genuine happiness!