People Claim Baby Archie Was "Being Used As A Prop" By Meghan Markle As She Looked "Awkward" With Her Own Son

July 15, 2019 16:48

Meghan Markle showed her true love to Prince Harry when she made a surprise visit at the polo. The doting mother didn't forget to bring their tiny bundle of joy, showcasing how cute they all are!

The Duchess of Sussex looked chic in a khaki shirt dress by Lisa Marie Fernandez and aviator glasses by Stella McCartney. In other words, Meghan made a wonderful appearance with baby Archie to support her husband.


Not a single day can pass without slamming Duchess Meghan. The mother-of-one faced a new wave of critics for not knowing how to hold a baby boy and using baby Archie "as a prop."

One person sarcastically wrote that Meghan Markle "deserves" Mother of the Year award as baby Archie was seen to be "used as a prop by his mother."

Some other people supported this hateful tweet and wrote how uncomfortable and awkward she looked at the polo match and did not even know how to hold her flesh and bone.

In fact, a lot of fans and open-minded people came to Meghan's rescue and shared supportive and defensive tweets toward the elated mother.

A sweet kiss

Despite all hatred and angst, Meghan Markle looked really happy and joyous at the polo match with baby Archie. One sweet moment was captured on a camera when the Duchess kissed her baby boy in his forehead.

We prefer lovely snaps instead of negativity and critics. Hopefully, you're on the same page.