Meghan Markle "Was Under No Pressure To Do Things The Same" As Princess Diana And Kate Middleton, Source Claims

April 19, 2019 14:00

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry surprised everybody announcing the anticipated plan of the childbirth — the couple made up their minds to keep a royal baby's arrival in private. It implies that when the Duchess gives birth to baby Sussex, the world will know after a while, which is different from Kate Middleton or Princess Diana, who posed for cameras after the delivery. But, maybe this secrecy is for the best in the light of constant criticism toward the Sussex couple. 

No pressure 

Meghan Markle stepped into the British monarchy almost a year ago and she's already preparing to give birth to her first child. As a mother, she chooses what is best for her and Harry's baby. 

While many people expect the Duchess of Sussex follow in Princess Diana's and Duchess Catherine's footsteps in the traditional childbirth, Meghan is far from it. According to royal author Ingrid Seward, people are happy "Meghan is doing things differently."

Ingrid Seward also adds:

She was under no pressure to do things the same [as Kate and Diana].

Additionally, the parents-to-be opted for a photo op with a son or daughter on the grounds of Windsor Castle, where they have recently moved to their new home. 

Will it be a home birth?

Numerous sources corroborate Meghan Markle is unlikely to welcome baby Sussex in Lindo Wing. Either she chooses St. Mary’s Hospital or home birth, just like the Queen. 

Ingrid Seward says it's "completely understandable" why the Duchess of Sussex doesn't want to be there. 

The Lindo Wing has become too much of a circus.

Well, hopefully, Meghan Markle will be able to avoid all this pressure, media attention, and other gruesome things.