Wendy Williams Couldn't Fight Tears While Talking About Ex, Kevin Hunter: "Don't Make Me Cry"

July 25, 2019 13:57

It's been a few months since Wendy William's husband Kevin Hunter got busted for his infidelity. He had an extramarital affair which resulted in a love child. The iconic host became the talk of the town as she struggled to get over this tragedy.

After learning the heartbreaking truth, Wendy lost her long sobriety. She had to revisit rehab too. All this while, she remained cooperative with the media. Then, she filed for divorce from the father of her 19-year-old son, Kevin Jr.

She hasn't healed yet

It wasn't easy for Wendy to put an end to her 22-years long marriage. Talking on the Karen Hunter Show, she was inquired about her current settlement with the ex-husband. What about their joint bank accounts, credit cards and, most importantly, the surname?

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Wendy broke into tears and emotionally replied:

My name is Wendy Hunter - that's my son's name, and you can't take away twenty - don't make me cry.

She shot down any possibility of getting back with Kevin but insisted they're still a family unit. Moreover, Wendy's been recently spotted with Marc Tomblin who is way younger than her. He seems to be directing her towards a healthy, happy and more peaceful life.

She is stronger than ever

According to sources, Wendy has always been out of loop despite being an executive producer of her show. Now, that Kevin is no longer a manger of behind-the-scene tasks, it's her time to shine overall. The insider said:

She's taking over her empire.

We wish nothing but the best for Williams and her son. Share this and send your regards to her.