Monica Lewinsky Jokes About Internship At The White House Being The Worst Career Advice She’s Ever Received

July 18, 2019 10:04

More than two decades ago, Monica Lewinsky’s life was shaped by one of the biggest scandals that rocked America. Now it appears the former White House intern is making jokes about her experience.

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Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton’s affair

It was one of the loudest and intriguing scandals in America’s history. Back in January 1998, the world was outraged by the news of former US President Bill Clinton’s affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

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The affair started back in 1996, the same year Monica’s internship began in Washington. Bill issued a public statement admitting his guilt and apologized for the incident.

Now she jokes about her internship at White House

Monica Lewinsky recently joked on social media about the worst career advice she’s ever received. According to her, it was a recommendation to intern at the White House.

This was in response to a question about career advice psychologist and author Adam Grant asked his followers on Twitter.

Monica became popular in the late 1990s when she was blasted for having an affair with former President Bill Clinton while she was interning at the White House.

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Since then, the former White House intern has written about how the experience left her suicidal and led her to become an anti-bullying activist.

Her role in #Metoo movement

In recent years, Monica Lewinsky has become more vocal about her affair with the former US president as it serves as a symbol of the #MeToo movement. She even wrote an essay for Vanity Fair back in 2018 on how the movement showed her that she wasn’t alone.

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What do you think about Monica joking her internship at the White House was the worst career advice?