Howard Stern's Wife Beth Sheds Light On Divorce Rumors On 'The Ellen Show'

February 4, 2019 17:47

Radio host Howard Stern and Beth Stern, an actress and former model, have been together since 2000, happily married since 2008. But recently, rumors about their imminent split have been rife.

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It all started in mid-January when Howard told his co-host, Robin Quivers, that his wife had asked him to be less grumpy and negative.

I’m only praying she still loves me,

the host said on the air.

What is really going on between Howard and Beth? Beth went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and cleared things up.

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Beth speaks out

A week after the rumors started, Beth appeared on The Ellen Show. She commented on Ellen’s new special, and the host proceeded to ask her about the "marital trouble" talk.

Beth expressed her surprise and confirmed that she and Howard are still going strong. Apparently, his offhand comments on the air were taken far more seriously than he meant them!

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Beth doesn’t listen to her husband’s show, so she didn’t even know what he had said until she started getting Google alerts with wild headlines. She told Ellen:

The Google alerts come: 'Howard and Beth are breaking up. Marital problems.' There’s pictures of us with lightning bolts between our heads. I don’t know what’s going on. Apparently, he spoke about us on the air. This was last week. And it spread like wildfire.

She went on to assure Ellen and the audience:

Twenty years of marital bliss. I’m setting the record straight right here. I love my Howard.

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Howard is a softie, says Beth

The Sterns are known for their cat fostering efforts. They have fostered more than 900 cats and kittens over the years, Beth told Ellen.

In an interview with US Weekly (which she gave after the divorce rumors started), Beth spoke about the Kitten Bowl and the Cat Bowl, Hallmark shows aimed at promoting adoptions. Speaking about fostering, Beth described her husband as a great partner in this activity. She said:

He lets our fosters crawl all over him and in his hair. His hair is the greatest kitty toy there is!

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She also said cats and kittens bring out a softer side in Howard:

At home, he’s a 100-percent softie; that’s who he is. I just blew his cover. When Howard has a really stressful day at work or he feels overwhelmed, it’s funny, I point to the foster room. After 30 seconds of being there with these baby kittens or these special needs cats, it just changes your whole mood. It just instantly puts you in a different place, and it’s so therapeutic.

Well, now Howard knows what to do next time Beth tells him to stop being sulky!

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